Meet our Team




Bryanna is the idea generator and founder behind Bar OA Flower farm. Bryanna grew up on a mixed farm in Northern Alberta growing flowers and raising sheep, cattle, and chickens. Once she completed highschool Bryanna went on to study agricultural science at the University of Alberta, while studying floral design in the evenings.  Bryanna loves designing weddings using her own home grown flowers. Bryanna believes in growing unique, heirloom, hard to transport flowers that you wouldn’t find in just any store, and continuously learning how to better utilize farm waste to create new products and improve farm sustainability..



Gary, Bryanna’s husband provides the muscle around the farm along with moral support. Not growing up on a farm, Gary has spent many hours learning by doing (and sometimes re-doing). Gary loves meeting new people



Rupert is a four-year-old Boxer dog and is the Chief People Greeter at the farm.  Rupert is full of energy, loves meeting new people and getting treats.